New Moon In February, New Moon In Aquarius: Brighten Up.

Start your day with cacao, if you can. If you don’t have cacao in your pantry, maybe you have all you need to make cinnamon and apple peel tea. The next time you go out, remind yourself that you wanted to try cacao and buy it. The two beverages do not have identical properties. ButContinue reading “New Moon In February, New Moon In Aquarius: Brighten Up.”

A Satisfying And Friendly New 2021

to all my readers and bloggers whose writings I enjoy. My Thanksgiving cactus has opened its first blossoms. Last year around this time, the plant was young and tiny. In December 2019, I noticed small buds. They grew to almost the size of sewing pinheads. Then, the plant changed course. Where the buds had appeared,Continue reading “A Satisfying And Friendly New 2021”

New Year’s Week In 2020

In many ancient cultures, including the Chinese, homes are being cleaned before the New Year. If your home is spic and span and already welcoming of the New Year, clean it through smoke (herbs on coal), fire (candles), water (sprinkle with water and herbs) and air (open the windows and doors) to invite the bestContinue reading “New Year’s Week In 2020”