New Moon In February, New Moon In Aquarius: Brighten Up.

Artwork by Lauren Sansaricq, born in 1990, whom you can find at

Start your day with cacao, if you can.

If you don’t have cacao in your pantry, maybe you have all you need to make cinnamon and apple peel tea. The next time you go out, remind yourself that you wanted to try cacao and buy it.

The two beverages do not have identical properties. But both cacao and apple-cinnamon tea are tasty and very comforting immune and mood boosters. Their scents will linger in the rooms for hours and help you enjoy this new moon more.

Happy new moon. Happy last day of the Year of the Rat. Happy New Year of the Ox.

What a great day to set a brand new intention!

What a great time to release something too.

What could you release?

A lot of people fast on new moons to give their digestive system a break and to turn inward.

Some people write lists about the things they want to let go of.

Which habit is no longer useful? What expenditures do not bring you joy? What will you stop doing in the coming weeks? What will you do instead? How soon?

This new moon in Aquarius is a perfect time to release anything or everything that no longer contributes to your well-being.

Maybe you notice things laying around that need to go. Pack them in boxes and bags. Decide who will get them or how you will sell them before spring.

Maybe you notice that you spend your time in wasteful ways.

You would love to add activities, or even just one activity, that ignite your heart and uplift you. But you can’t shake the sense that there is not a lot of wiggle room in your day.

Look deeper!

In your schedule, there are moments when you can listen to that podcast, that audio book or that concert. For example, when you commute or when you clean the dishes.

You can draw into your sketchbook too. For example, when you sit in a waiting room, wait for a client, and have a few minutes left before you go to the next thing.

Instead of relying on vehicles to get from one place to another, you can walk — and let yourself enjoy that! While walking, you take in the neighbourhood in ways you never see when you drive by. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can pick up trash along the river shore or in the park. There are so many ways to move your body. It is not the gym, but it is exercise too, and one through which you can express your love to the earth.

Even when there is noise in the background, you can write down ideas about projects and order them by priority.

You can write down writing prompts as the ideas pop into your head.

You can write into your Feel Good journal about everything that feels good to you and that improves your mood.

A Feel Good journal is a tool for everyone, not only for creatives.

Keep it in your jacket or in the bag that you carry with you. So you have it on hand when you need it.

Collect experiences like “Music by… brought back happy memories. I might listen to it on the weekend.. When I was outside, I noticed …. and it made me feel good.. Tactile treats… Scents… Food… Colours I saw today…. The sun light on my face and on the road… Someone’s smile. Someone’s kindness….”

Things like that…

The journal is for your eyes only. Fill it with good moments that speak to you and to you alone. Write whenever good things are happening to you. Scribble down anything that makes you feel good.

Notice what you like. By paying attention to your likes, you will discover yourself. It will amaze you. In no time, you will find yourself making new choices that are quite aligned to what you like.

I am sharing these ideas as examples of how you can bring more of what you want into your days. Pick your own feel-good and level-up activities!

New moons offer optimum opportunities to clear your space and clear your body and to make room for the new.

When the moon is in Aquarius, the futurist and reformer of the zodiac, the conditions are probably the best in the year.

Aquarius is an archetype receptive to broadcasts from parallel dimensions and to flashes of insight about how the wind blows and how to adjust the sails. Aquarius is highly interested in the future and a future that serves all, therefore picks up what the future demands and then commits to the vision telepathically and energetically — at light speed too, it seems.

If you have Aquarians around you, or your birth chart is Aquarius dominant, you are no stranger to speed and to future-oriented shifts. Speed and future-oriented shifts are the domain of Aquarius.

In retrospect, the decisions taken in moments of precognition and prescience turn out remarkably accurate; even though the person who had them would struggle to communicate them … and the listener would have a pretty hard time following the Aquarian train of thought. Theoretically, everyone has access to such planes, though not at the same time.

The moon in Aquarius sets a tone reminiscent of Aquarius, the sign.

Moon in Aquarius is ready for the future and welcomes it enthusiastically.

Perhaps you got a clue today what it may mean to welcome the future fully prepared. Maybe you heard a word in the afternoon that triggered a whole lot of associations. Or you had a prophetic dream in the last 24 hours. Maybe you zoned out a bit and suddenly had a revelation about something that you wanted clarity on. Maybe you started this day, feeling drawn to something that is not part of your usual routine. Perhaps you caught an impression about where you may be in 2031. Have you met someone whose manner was uncommonly cordial and kind? Did you hear about a perspective today that seems pretty possible in the future, although you can not recall ever thinking about it deeply?

That is what you can expect when the moon is in Aquarius.

Since this moon is about speed and rapid transformation, let me present two helpful metaphors:

One is for the tough. One is for the soft.

On most days, I resonate with the soft one. But tomorrow I will give the other one serious consideration — because I can.

A: Imagine “moving to a better neighbourhood”.

How do you feel about it?

Feel your anticipation of moving into a clean house. Picture yourself in a place that supports you in every way. Feel how thrilled you are to decorate, so that this new home turns into your home. You have not unpacked all your belongings just yet. You will open the boxes when you need an item. And when you are done using it, you will give the item a new home.

Now you take a deep breath. You look into the empty space and the potential it holds. You enjoy the open, calm space.

You wonder how it will feel to wake up in your new bed. You wonder who your neighbours are. You envision the encounters and the events that will take place soon.

B: Now think about a person who in order to save her life had to turn her back on the old version of herself. Let’s say, a refugee who has lost everything and has to start over. She arrives in a new region that promises a better, safer life. Or a person diagnosed with a terminal illness who wants to live. Or an addict who wants to feel again what a sane life is and must sacrifice his old ways.

To me, the addict sounds like the most dramatic example of a person who is about to leave the past behind in order to give tomorrow a chance.

So I am choosing it to spin the thought further:

He removes all the drug paraphernalia from his home. He enters treatment. He avoids the locations he used at and all other situations that trigger him. He puts distance between himself and the company who were part of a lifestyle that he decided to quit. He puts one foot in front of the other. His memories are still with him, but he is not feeding or revisiting them.

Let’s assume now that you are not addicted. Could you borrow from a recovering person’s steam to change in an area where you want to practise new habits? Because you want this healthy version of yourself so much? Can you use some of that energy?

Do you give yourself permission to transform yourself fully and fast?

Well, that is all familiar to Aquarius.

Mind travels and visualizations are so easy when the moon is in Aquarius… If you are a seasoned meditator, you may have downloads from subtle realms where language is clumsy. Perhaps you are browsing for “directions” to how you can be of service to the web of life and how you will become the person you are meant to be.

Aquarius identifies with being a participant in a large network. Associations are important to Aquarius; helpful people and people that we want to be helpful to.

On this new moon in Aquarius, think local.

How can you support the people who are contributing to your health? Who belongs to this network? Who is in your tribe? Appreciate every person in it. When you meet them, remember to tell them how much you appreciate them. Everyone loves hearing that they are seen and respected and loved.

You want to vote with your dollar too — so that local businesses and farmers and people dear to you can keep doing their work.

Moon in Aquarius affects your calves and veins. Dry skin brushing is a great way to pamper yourself today. Your body will respond in kind. A longer walk will increase blood flow and circulation. Put your legs up when you come home in the evening. Put on flowy, loose fitting, soft, pyjama-like pants. Take an epsom bath, if you enjoy that. Rub a fatigue relieving herbal ointment into your legs and feet.

Walk with ease into your new week.

The year of the Rat is ending, and the year of the Ox is beginning. Let me offer a thought:

Those animals describe behaviours, traits and strengths. A rat is adaptable, highly intelligent, an opportunist, and a pest to humans. (Sounds familiar? Like 2020?) A bull is used to living with humans, good-natured and industrious, slow and steady. But do not tick him off!

The animal of the year 2021 suggests a strategy of “make your life work” and “focus on what you can control” and “stay away from conflicts”. Avoid the angry and anger. This is not a year to fan the flames. Of course, a lot of people will lose it and gravitate to the anger of others. You need not be one of them — especially now that you have read it.

The Bull in Chinese astrology is close to the Western sign of Taurus.

In the next 12 months, show up like a Taurus. Work diligently on your goals. Mark your milestones and successes with revitalizing food and celebrations. Dedicate yourself to your progress. Do what is in your best interest. Respect your time. Let people have their own journeys and handle their own problems.

The Bull is associated with green growth too. Grow a few–or more–vegetables and herbs that you consume… Put a cheerful house plant near your desk, where you see it often. Surround yourself with the colours of deep spring and with other reminders that life is verdant, fecund and flowering.

Many wisdom traditions recommend the regular upkeep of all rooms and a few alterations, like a new furniture placement, so that the eyes see the room as “new” and the energy indoors can flow in a new way, or additions to the household, ideally objects for daily use that stimulate the feeling of prosperity.

For example, the kitchen. If you are a man living alone, do not assume that this is something only women can enjoy. A new pan, dish or cutlery, a stainless steel mug …. can visually encourage you take good care of yourself. Nurture yourself well. Stay hydrated!

See, those novelties need not be about consumerism, purchases or redundant renovations. What you bring in this year can be low cost and simply useful. Let it add comfort and to the sense that “in this home, everyone is taken care of” and a touch of luxury.

You know best what it is that can make you feel a bit wealthier, more secure and more optimistic. Choose those objects as symbols of self-care and trust in ease and your fortune that is growing.

Such recommendations may not appeal to the critical mind. Try them anyway. You will find out that most of them are wise and have an effect on the ambience and on your psyche.

Good luck.

11 February 2021

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