New Moon In February, New Moon In Aquarius: Brighten Up.

Start your day with cacao, if you can. If you don’t have cacao in your pantry, maybe you have all you need to make cinnamon and apple peel tea. The next time you go out, remind yourself that you wanted to try cacao and buy it. The two beverages do not have identical properties. ButContinue reading “New Moon In February, New Moon In Aquarius: Brighten Up.”

Happy Solstice. Happy Great Conjunction.

It is the first day of the new season: winter up here in the North, summer in the Southern hemisphere. So take that first step into your future today. If you have taken the time to introspect this year, you have found many things to be grateful for and (the opposite!) things to leave in the past;Continue reading “Happy Solstice. Happy Great Conjunction.”