A Satisfying And Friendly New 2021

to all my readers and bloggers whose writings I enjoy.

My Thanksgiving cactus has opened its first blossoms. Last year around this time, the plant was young and tiny. In December 2019, I noticed small buds. They grew to almost the size of sewing pinheads. Then, the plant changed course. Where the buds had appeared, new green limbs were pushing their way out. The plant is twice the size now. And, it is in bloom. Right on time for the New Year.

Let yourself blossom in 2021.

3 January 2021

2 thoughts on “A Satisfying And Friendly New 2021

  1. Thank you, John! I am cheering to its growth too. I was so happy to see it form buds in December and hoped that it would blossom in the early year.

    I am glad that the germinating season is starting soon.

    In the meantime, plants that flower indoors (begonias, Christmas cactus, winter bulbs and spring messengers, orchids, spider plants…) are a reminder of nature’s abundance. I admitted to myself my soul needs flowers all year round. Thankfully, shade plants and herbs flower. Many have cheerful flowers that offer an infusion of vitality and splash of colour or subtle fragrance while there is no visible growth outside.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

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