New Moon In Libra: Makeover

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I took a much needed break on this new moon – to fill my cup and to observe the wonder of the season. I took some “me time” before I wrote down what I was shown would be the themes for this new moon in Libra – on Friday, 16 October – and the coming moon cycle.

The moon in Libra affects kidneys and the urinary tract. Because the new moon is about cleansing and fresh beginnings, support your kidneys with plenty of water and infusions made with nettle, cranberries, lemon peels, dandelion and herbs with similar properties that you can pick or obtain locally. 

Start this very new moon cycle with a makeover in your home, office, or vehicle. Prep your garden for the cold season and rest, or if you are in the Southern hemisphere, for a dynamic growing season and pollinators. Opt for a makeover in your look. 

Even a subtle, simple and confined alteration will do. For example, paint or decorate one wall in a new way; give a frequently used object a permanent home; empty or clean up your composting station; introduce a few accessories or a new grooming habit that motivates you to show up as your leveled-up self. Give it a try. Maybe you like it so much and get so invigorated by it that you want to do more. 

Play with it. Do not overthink it. It is good to change up a few things and bring your attention to the here and now. Notice how these changes affect you.

If you want to go deeper, redefine your inner circle. Maybe you have let go of acquaintances this year who have been too unresponsive or have given you heavy or bad feelings – congratulations! If you still have to edit your circle, do it before the end of the year. 

In the spring, while sheltering-in-place, I enjoyed envisioning the parties I was going to host and go to and the people I wanted to party with. That is something you can consciously dream about in detail now. It is so much fun to get ready for enjoyable activities whose time will come.

Leave a few reminders in strategic places, like your purse, your keys, your calendar, or a place you linger in often, about the quality you want to practice in the coming month.

Choose a quality that is attainable, challenging but not tiring, and that raises your vibration. How about “Balance” or “Love”? Both are strengths of the archetype of Libra.

Last not least, thank the earth for keeping you well and giving you so many occasions to feel cared for and satisfied.

17 October 2020

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