Spring, The Season Of Wood, Indoors

Illustration by Rachel Victoria Hillis. Find her @ https://rachelvictoriahillis.com/

Houseplants are going through a massive growth spurt between now and May. Take cuttings now. The mother plant will renew itself fast and grow bushier and stronger, while the cuttings root almost as well as in winter. In a few weeks, you have more plants, extremely healthy looking plants if you decide to add the cuttings to the original plants; you have lovely green gifts for your friends who have been admiring your plants; you have plants that you can bring outdoors once the weather allows.

Spring is a season for greenery. Looking at greenery boosts inner healing processes, joy and vitality. To be surrounded by plants that are shooting up, growing and expanding, growing buds and flowers is refreshing from the outside in and from the inside out.

Feed your plants now. Then you can let them be when their resting period comes – they can go through the dark season on water alone when they have been abundantly fed in the spring. Many houseplants live longer and are a bit healthier when they are allowed to have seasons indoors as well.

19 March 2021

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