Spring, The Season Of Wood, Indoors

Houseplants are going through a massive growth spurt between now and May. Take cuttings now. The mother plant will renew itself fast and grow bushier and stronger, while the cuttings root almost as well as in winter. In a few weeks, you have more plants, extremely healthy looking plants if you decide to add theContinue reading “Spring, The Season Of Wood, Indoors”

Herb And Citrus Infused Vinegar

I use citrus peel infused vinegar at home for cleaning. I have found out that chamomile infused vinegar also makes an amazing cleaning agent. Since it is almost spring–spring is in the air, though perhaps not yet in the land–, you might find herb (or peel) infused vinegar a great tonic for this season. ItContinue reading “Herb And Citrus Infused Vinegar”