Cloches: A Spring Break For Plants

Cloches, the bell-shaped plant coverings made from glass or plastic, can be used indoors too to speed up the growth of all your plants — your new garden vegetable seedlings and flowers that you will bring out soon and your older house plants whose cuttings you might take or want to encourage to grow. April is aContinue reading “Cloches: A Spring Break For Plants”

Herb And Citrus Infused Vinegar

I use citrus peel infused vinegar for cleaning. Chamomile infused vinegar also makes an amazing cleaning agent, I have found out. Since it is almost spring — spring is in the air, though perhaps not yet in the land — , you might find that herb (or peel) infused vinegar is a great tonic forContinue reading “Herb And Citrus Infused Vinegar”

Tru Earth Detergent Strips

Tru Earth, a Canadian company, is offering a plastic-free detergent strip that is affordable, easy to order (from their website), and so uncomplicated, light-weight and small in size that perhaps you can win your friends and family over to a low waste lifestyle too. I will try it soon too. I usually only recommend thingsContinue reading “Tru Earth Detergent Strips”

Apple and Citrus Skins With Warm Spices

Here is a recipe that is less medicinal than “my” lemon (lime/grapefruit) peel tea, but has a better flavour. It will make your house smell heavenly. Most people find the scent of cinnamon and apple very pleasant and “cozy”. Apples have a strong symbolic link with Aphrodite and love, in our subconscious. Cinnamon and theContinue reading “Apple and Citrus Skins With Warm Spices”