Herb And Citrus Infused Vinegar

Photo credit to Shutterstock

I use citrus peel infused vinegar at home for cleaning. I have found out that chamomile infused vinegar also makes an amazing cleaning agent.

Since it is almost spring–spring is in the air, though perhaps not yet in the land–, you might find herb (or peel) infused vinegar a great tonic for this season. It cleans the blood and your digestive system from all that winter sluggishness. It is very refreshing, and it prepares the body for the warmer weather. Many, if not all, wisdom traditions recommended bitter, leafy, “green” and root-like flavours for the season and seasonal fasting. Infused vinegar supports this transition from cold to warm quite well.

Before you research all the herbs or exotic spices that would suit you, look at what you already have in your pantry. Start at least one vinegar from those ingredients. I say that because “too much research”, list making and planning slow me down. I believe in my motto “start small, and start now”. I always discover that I want to do more – once I start -, and that I get more done.

Citrus peel vinegar provides wonderful nutrients for your plants and soil. So this is a good time to prepare several bottles of infused vinegar for use during the year.

Apple cider may be the most versatile of types of vinegar. I like rice wine vinegar for the taste; it is nuanced, milder than other vinegar, and satisfying in many dishes. Even plain white vinegar will work.

Time: 3 weeks for most infusions.

2 March 2020

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