Apple and Citrus Skins With Warm Spices

Fruit skins make and a few spices a good tea and add a great scent to your home. Example — not the recipe below

Here is a recipe that is less medicinal than “my” lemon (lime/grapefruit) peel tea, but has a better flavour. It will make your house smell heavenly.

Most people find the scent of cinnamon and apple very pleasant and “cozy”. Apples have a strong symbolic link with Aphrodite and love, in our subconscious. Cinnamon and the fragrance of oranges uplift.

You can sip the tea after your meditation or when you read…

If you are unsure about how organic the oranges and apples are, wash them with baking soda and water before you peel them.

#raisethevibration #athome

#savourthegood #aromatherapy #zerowasterecipe

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