Full Moon in July

Painting by Adriana Meiss, titled: Meadowbrook by the Moonlight. For more of her pastels and art, go to www.adrianameiss.com

The full moon in July is a full moon in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of authority. So this full moon you can celebrate all your lasting and rewarding decisions, when you acted like a boss.

A boss (the Capricorn energy) knows when to surrender to wisdom, who the dependable and smart people are in the team, who talks “with sense”, a term I borrowed from one of my understated friends, meaning that there is long, deep thought before the words come out of the mouth, and how to work with dedication towards a goal. Capricorn lets actions speak: “Voila, here you go — look for yourself what I have made happen. (Gossip if you must. Guess, who won’t be tripping over that.)” Aloe Blacc’s song “I Count On Me” describes the essential Capricorn attitude.

If you want to observe the moon with gratitude, remind yourself of all your poised, positive decisions of the last year, go to the classiest part of town, have a meal there and identify with your recent successes: it is healing to the psyche to bring results to the forefront of the mind and mark them somehow, make them count, make them special… and not only think about how much effort it took or about the challenges that are still ahead of you. Savour the time away from those who can not be pleased and always have a list about the points you “ought to improve”, while they keep doing the same as usual. Be like a Cap for a day — cheers.

16 July 2019

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