Soul Family Behind Us

Photo by © Dennis O’Hara. Superior Lake on Full Buck Moon in July 2014 

We are the extensions of our ancestors, their hopes and dreams. Imagine how much they wanted you to feel at home in this world and become family with people whose ancestors they never knew. Perhaps they were unaware, but by welcoming you here they believed that this world is a worthwhile place, a place where you would grow, flourish and expand beyond their horizons.

Now that the soul families are coming together, we find that we are tribes of all colours and backgrounds. Life is an immeasurable blessing, an offering of love, an opportunity to bring peace and freshness to all living beings — you got it, because your ancestors cooperated. Friendship too is an immeasurable blessing, an opportunity to connect, to share, to enhance pleasure in daily life — we got it, because all our ancestors cooperated.

Happy full moon in Capricorn, the moon of inner authority. Happy Full Thunder Moon.

July 2014


Today is another full moon in Capricorn – 6 years later

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