Soul Family Behind Us

We are the extensions of our ancestors, their hopes and dreams. Imagine how much they wanted you to feel at home in this world and become family with people whose ancestors they never knew. Perhaps they were unaware, but by welcoming you here they believed that this world is a worthwhile place, a place whereContinue reading “Soul Family Behind Us”

Heart Song On Full Moon

May the earth keep feeding and refreshing us.May the waters run freely and be healthy again.May the air we breathe become clean again.May the animals feel safe around us and be our friends again.May the people discover how to love and not harm. NJ13 June 2014 #fullmoon #June #fullmooninSagittarius

Full Moon In May

Happy full moon! If you want to meditate tonight (too), may your guidance lead you to your blessings. You can ask that a sweeter satisfaction be shown to you. Pay attention to the sensations, impressions, imagery you receive. And then, do what was shown to you in the coming few days, as soon as youContinue reading “Full Moon In May”