Choose the Best, Then Use Your Best

Gardening, and cooking, are handy metaphors for manifestation. Of course, they are manifestations too! Photo by Michelle Gervais, from Fine Gardening

While manifesting, hold the sensation of what you are trying to experience: the end product of your manifestation or the feeling you are trying to reach with your manifestation.

Nothing far-flung is required of you in order to manifest a specific outcome — a situation, a result, an effect –. Only three things: time, attention, and appropriate ingredients.

Choosing the right ingredients is more important than you have been led to believe, because not all raw material can perform in the way you have in mind.

Make sure that that is possible. Inform yourself, observe as long as necessary, and if resources are of no concern, go by trial and error.

Your first manifestations can be copies, or imprints, of your preferences. While you are building your skills, it is okay to use a formula that has worked well before. With practice, you become mindful of your creative rhythms and what delivers the best results and what keeps you curious. You hit a point where you can trust your style, from which you go on without recipes and instructions.

Good ingredients are forgiving. You can make a masterpiece of simple materials of high vitality. If you mess up, no one will notice it but you. Maybe you won’t either. Mishaps won’t be a big deal. You are learning and having fun. Don’t underestimate the intrigue really fabulous material emits. It speaks to your senses; you want to do things with it; it draws out your wonder, a succulent and luxurious feeling of aliveness, and then love.

Shoddy ingredients, however, can not be elevated even by the finest technique, or the best intentions. When in doubt, pass. It is either not the right time or the right thing.

Don’t skimp on ingredients. Learn to recognize quality. Choose the best.

That choice is in your power. Inspiration, the creative flow, even mastery are pretty much outside of your control. You are making yourself available to it.

May your manifestations bring you endless delight and renewal.

4 September 2016

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