From Appreciation to Mastery

Golden Silk, by Victoria Kharchenko.

Eating does not make you a cook.
Participating in a workshop does not make you an expert.
Reading does not make you a writer.

And yet, you have to receive before you master anything and then apply what you have learned in the way you are capable of. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

The appreciation of good food does not stop once you know how to make it. In fact, you can not be a good cook without appreciating a well-made dish.
You can not be an expert without appreciating wisdom.
You can not be a writer without loving the word.

It is just not possible. There is a journey from appreciation to mastery, but the “marrow” of mastery, your delight in the matter, is what gives you the energy to perfect it.

This also applies to love. If you don’t have the focus for it, for discovering another person, you can not learn much. Except about yourself maybe, but you know yourself after a while. That is not love. That is familiarity with self.

(It is society’s definition of love at this time – the receiving of it, the first step of the journey.)

2 February 2015

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