Viva Carlos

Fan picture of Carlos in concert

A memory of a Santana concert in 2018:

Between the songs, Carlos shared highly uplifting ideas about how a collective choice for love can impact the conditions in which we live, heal even unwell situations, make those we come in contact with think in fresh ways, find solutions, stop engaging in harm, and how it can “plant the seed” about what it means to “switch on your divinity” and live in a divine manner. His appealing wisdoms were followed by music that offered the visceral experience of switched-on divinity, which showers all who just let it in with pleasure and bliss. To make it brief: to do what is right is what will make you feel so good that you only want to keep doing that, to follow your knowing opens up your best traits like the sun opens up a flower at dawn, and to love is to be alive. To live in a divine manner is not only possible, you have a lot of fun doing it.

This concert was the antidote to everything the media were broadcasting at the time. In fact, Carlos made a point about unplugging from all gadgets often in order to stay sane and connect with inspiration instead.

A fabulous night. I know almost all his songs, so it was not novelty that gave me new back wind, and my expectations were met (beauty is beauty, it is always in style), it was the reminder that everything that feels dissonant is dissonant indeed, to take breaks from it, and to come from love. Even though too few do in this strange moment in time, but that is where the practice comes in. Don’t copy what others do. Take a clue from the music. Take a clue from plants and animals that remain in their natural state, no matter what. Be in touch with yourself. This is music. This is how you bring heaven to earth.

Viva, Carlos, happy birthday.


20 July 2018

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