Tomatoes, Zero Waste

Small space tomato growing, by Kathy Kimpel. A project for the coming years.

Not only can you clone your (best) tomatoes from branches, you can also add the leaves to your dishes.

Give it a try in a salad, in tomato sauce or in pesto.

The leaves taste quite similar to the fruit. Like the herb version, less watery and succulent, but with the familiar, and enhanced, aroma of tomatoes. A little goes a long way.

It is a shame that dishes with tomato leaves are so obscure.. when there are so many growers and appreciators of tomatoes, and the plant grows in such a generous fashion and offers a lot of leaves as well.


July 2020

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7 thoughts on “Tomatoes, Zero Waste

    1. They have a highly concentrated taste. But tomato leaves are edible – and not poisonous. There is a new book by Garden Betty (Linda Ly) titled the No Waste Vegetable Cookbook where she integrates delicious parts of veggies that we usually throw in the compost.

      Here are two links that you can look up, one is hers. You can also give it a nibble in your garden.. Maybe you get an idea about how you can use the leaves. 🍅

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    1. You are welcome, SustainableArt. 🍅

      I only started incorporating tomato leaves this year too. The idea occurred to me while inhaling the aroma of my tomato plants. I chewed on a leaf, and thought to myself, “This is interesting.. I wonder why no one has thought of using the leaves in the kitchen..”

      So I researched. I found out that some people do use it in their dishes and that some food writers are exploring tomato leaves as a nice addition to sauces, stews, smoothies, casseroles.

      I would suggest that you use the leaves cautiously. Think of them as a herb rather than a vegetable.

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