Leaf Mulch Feeds and Improves Your Soil

It is fall and garden clean-up time in the Northern hemisphere. Mother nature in her wisdom offers an abundant, free, nutrient rich, toxin-free and stabilizing soil amendment in the forms of falling leaves. Your perennials will appreciate the layer of dried leaves, and your soil will be healthier in the next growing season. Maroon toContinue reading “Leaf Mulch Feeds and Improves Your Soil”

Eat the Whole Plant: Radish Leaves

I never thought about eating radish leaves. Now that several varieties of radish – pink, white, heirloom – are growing in my garden, I gave it a try… Sure enough they are edible and have an interesting, fresh flavour. Use them before they wilt in salads, wraps, and sandwiches… Maybe they are good in vegContinue reading “Eat the Whole Plant: Radish Leaves”

Tomatoes, Zero Waste

Not only can you clone your (best) tomatoes from branches, you can also add the leaves to your dishes. Give it a try in a salad, in tomato sauce or in pesto. The leaves taste quite similar to the fruit. Like the herb version, less watery and succulent, but with the familiar, and enhanced, aromaContinue reading “Tomatoes, Zero Waste”