Keep Your Home, Daughter of the Earth

Lake Huron on 26 July 2015. Unknown photographer.

After a long journey,
home feels so good, so welcoming,
so refreshing yet fully familiar.

After the long journey of the mind,
you arrive at home again,
your innate spirituality,
your belonging to mother Earth.

She gives you the same welcome
and comfort and sense of sanity
that all your travels couldn’t
— because she is home.

Why would you change
for a trip,
or some passengers,
or some driver from place A to B?

When all that is yours
is yours
because you are as you are:
mother Earth’s love for you,
support of your focus,
that non-jarring and gentle unfolding of your talents
and attention to all your needs.

Yes, you will travel again.
We all must go to another place
to appreciate
what we own and know.
Sometimes we must travel
to remind others
that they too have a home.

And when you come back
to all that belongs to you,
you are pleasantly surprised
that nothing can replace it.

That to be fully yourself,
you must come home
and unplug from the world,
its demands, its discord, its fear
and all that it draws from you,
and stay here.

Here is where you are given
what you desire
and more,
treats you didn’t (have to) ask for.
Here is where you pause
from giving and from tolerating.
Here is where you are the one who receives
love greater
than you felt in any other place.

And when they challenge you again,
you recall home
and calmly ask back,
‘What kind of person would swap
the sweet solace of her soul
for artifice
and for promises that deliver nothing
at all,
as time shows?
Who could be that ready to give up
the real thing
for fiction?’

Enjoy your travels.
Keep your home.

3 August 2015

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