It’s Appreciation! The Key!

Photographer unknown, but much appreciated. The place is a knockout.

Appreciation is the innocent and “dear” aspect of love.

It shows you what you truly love. And who.

And here is something revealing: a person who is out to harm you or who doesn’t care whether you are well or not can not instill appreciation in you.

Therefore, appreciation — more than desire, hormonal excitement, any mental assessments and stories we tell ourselves — lets you know if the person you are with has an influence on you that you can call “love”.

Oh my. It is so simple now that I write it. I wish someone had told me that when I was growing up, or later even. I wish someone was talking about that now. Imagine how relationships would improve and how easily you could let go of encounters that don’t quite match that sweet heart vibe that is so evident in appreciation.

Well, now that I took off the glasses that were clouding my vision, let’s see how fast my life will shine from this insight.

I am acting on it now.

24 May 2015

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