Earth Send On 3 February 2023

Sowing the Seeds Of Love

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We are sending out our gratitude to life and to the conditions that let us live and live better than before — before we start this Earth Send.

Assume for a moment that you have taken a lot for granted, and to an objective observer entering your world, you seem fortunate and blessed. What would this observer point out? In this coming week, bring these elements to the forefront of your consciousness.

If there are people you want to thank, bring a gift to, do a chore for or tell how much you appreciate them, this week offers a good opportunity to do so.

If, on the other hand, you find that you have been procrastinating on steps you already thought about, use your calendar and date the hour when you will do it. Some of our good fortune can only find us when we clear the path on which it travels and we get ready for its arrival.

Some of us are completing chapters; others (I, for example) are starting. That is how this early February feels to me — although nothing that I am starting is huge and life-altering (not a new job, not a new significant relationship, or not yet?), a sense of newness and redirection is in the air. I am starting my seeds, though. The excitement I feel about the next growing season leaks into every other territory. I have learned to trust the impression of a beginning, as every time I had them in the past, a new chapter started. At times, it seemed less than a fresh chapter, though looking back, the signs announced it.

Less distinct and more common than a new phase are the many ways we regenerate and course correct. I am pleased to see many of you getting better at it by checking in with your energy during the day, drinking more water, resting more, cutting distractions, shrinking the irritation that many distractions cause, personalizing the spaces where you spend a lot of time in, completing tasks rather than delaying, meal planning ahead of the week instead of leaving nutrition to chance or mood, taking charge where you can and at the same time making time for inspiration, your deep joys, meditation and inner work.

I mentioned before that our lives already contain the elements of a life well lived, though often not in the right proportions. @ It is on us to adjust the proportions, or alter them in such a way that we feel renewed, able to function, and grateful for the times that feed the soul. I have counselled so many people over the years; it is rare to meet someone who doesn’t know at all what they would like to have more of and whose day could not be slightly altered — for the benefit of more gratitude, alignment and energy.

Feeling gratitude, alignment and energy are immeasurable gifts. So many people deprive themselves of gratitude, alignment and energy — not because these things are out of reach for them, but because they are ambivalent about their priorities.

I too have had a strange relationship with ambivalence. (I know myself well enough to comprehend that I was giving myself a pause every time I was ambivalent. I never mistook it for a solution or the destination, though. I had to bring things in order before I could make the next move.) It is okay to hesitate and sort things out before you prioritize.

But days filled with gratitude and alignment and energy are what will stick in your mind as the days that you want more of. So why not take that at face value and integrate it today —for your future?

Today we are sending out healing to all who have asked for it and are ready to receive it, love to our circle and to our future selves, thanks to the earth that provides for us, peace to the human family that needs to learn again how to coexist and to restore the web of life and the conditions of well-being.

It is an extraordinarily cold day in my corner of the globe. Spring is coming, and we can not detect a trace of it. But every season passes. Winter enthusiasts can knock themselves out for a bit longer. Their thrills are not mine, but I vibe when people are upbeat and make so much of the season. With some effort, I came to appreciate winter, too: what I find no time for in the rest of the year, I do now. The system has been working for me. I am grateful for the variety it adds to the course of the year.

Thich Nhat Hanh related the concept of impermanence as belonging to life and as something we can be grateful for: thanks to impermanence, bad conditions reach their end or are overcome.

Winter offers a terrific occasion to introspect, to become familiar with interior processes, to clear up what needs to go, and to design the coming months with anticipatory glee.

A long time ago, I noticed people have fun with planning. I thought to myself, “I wish I could have that too!” It is ironic that meditation and my spiritual journey have introduced me to balance (ironic because many claim that they turned breezy, spontaneous and forgiving, as they evolved, whereas the Friday child that I am started to use the prefrontal cortex more, as I advanced); and thanks to everything, I love planning now. The harsh, cold, crisp weather helps me evaluate what growth to boost and what to delegate or forget about.

May this Friday be a day of comfort, of proactive daydreams and insights, and a deep dive into gratitude.

Let me know what you are grateful for.

With santosha and thanks.

Tears For Fears still play their iconic song that inspired the subtitle of this writing.

3 February 2023

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