Going Forward

The unconscious mind is almost always smarter than the conscious mind.

Why is that? Maybe we grasp a situation through the body in a much fuller way than through the strictly logical brain. Maybe our thought patterns are somewhat limiting too… But our physique with all its senses pick up what we can’t fathom and can not even explain too well. The access to information is wide open to the unconscious.

That is why sometimes you say things aloud that you can not know and that you do not know; you haven’t been in the situation before, you didn’t learn about it, you didn’t have time to observe at all, and yet — you know. It is not, as has been suggested before, that your thoughts or words create reality, or create the future through the act of dreaming and conscious visualizing, but that a part of you knows exactly how to go about everything. Even on unknown terrain.

#selftrust#bodymind #gowiththegut #emotionalintelligence

7 October 2016

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