The Mind Is A Tool — And Not a Waste Basket

Photo by Johannes Plenio

The least thoughtful comment sticks in the mind for the longest time.

But, your mind is not a container for people’s cluelessness and cruel, callous, careless garbage. It is not there for you to clean it and keep cleaning it. (That is an ongoing job but not a priority. Quite like cleaning your house; it must get done and it never gets done, certainly never to perfection.)

Your mind is there to be used — for solutions, to make a life that you are fond of, to keep loving and to make sense.

Attraction is not what we have been taught it is, the exact mirror of what is going on inside of us. People are always there, whether you attract them through your mind, or your appearance, or the plain fact that you are a human too. People will always be around; nothing you do will change that.

Think of all your contacts as of traffic. Every day you see thousands on the streets inside their cars. Yet you drive in your own vehicle with those you love and you meet others you love at your destination. They too have been in traffic to arrive at the destination – in order to meet you. Attraction is who is in your vehicle and who ends up at the destination. The rest are traffic.

Therefore, you respect the opinions of those you are connected to by attraction more. And that is how it should be. You care for the others by keeping them safe in traffic. But you do not have to ponder what their thoughts are like and what it is like to be in their cars – that will not improve your ride at all. Those who you love share their journeys at the right time, and their discoveries and memories add to your journey. Do not worry at all or weed attractions from the traffic while you are driving: life reveals who is who.

As you emerge from the traffic when you arrive, look who is there, smiling at you.

18 October 2015

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