Clarity In Crisis

Artwork by Rachel Grant. Visit her @

In a time of crisis, you learn about the mindsets of all you are in contact with.

In a time of intense social crisis such as now, you should have no problems figuring out where people stand, where their sympathies lie, what they believe in, how they will show up when there is an even bigger crisis… Silence about horrors is also a show of character, of depth of ethics, even of depth of spirituality, just as the support of those who help heal the injured is.

Crisis becomes a reality check through which you can fast-forward into the future. What is now sets the tone for what is going to be.

Crisis strips us of illusions that may have comforted you in another chapter of life and therefore had a place in your mind. Take the real over the imagined — even though the imagined was good and the real is rotten, even though the imagined was sexy and the real is wretched. Walking through life with open eyes, with awareness, is sanity.

Crisis also reveals who your friends are, who responds to your love, who responds to you with love.

Crisis shows where the heart is.

7 October 2018

One thought on “Clarity In Crisis

  1. very true; and to be honest, I see straight through people, and have become very intollerant of people who have a low ethics-level – because what is the re to respect about them, when they don’t care how much they harm their fellow man

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