Plunge Into It

Image by Vectorium, Freepik

Your inner life always reveals to you where your inspiration is, through its message system of dreams, feelings, the sense of “here is my home” and “ooh, that is so rrrightttt!”.

Plunge into it.

I have never quite accepted the theory of unworthiness, as in “I am unworthy of..” — likely because those who used it as an excuse were people who were too cozy with dishonesty. (I learn only from those in whose life I see a sense and deliberately avoid those with too much delusion in it.).. Also there was a too strong element of comedy in the mock-modest proclamation of “Oh, I couldn’t” — just imagine someone like Eric Idle saying it — that made the angle highly unserious and surreal…

Yet…I do notice that we all accept some pleasures easily — a delicious dessert is being offered, we dig in, a smile is being offered, we smile back — while others, that are a big deal to us, an unrealized dream, or a vision of something that seems too far in the future, and out of reach, is something we put off, decide we have no time for, or no patience for. So we meet that opportunity to go for it and let it happen, with a reaction that is doubtful, fear-based instead of with “Alright, the time has come! I am in.”

Here is when our feelings begin to signal us (for example, “Isn’t that what you wanted for a long time?” or “Whoa, now t h a t is juicy!”) or our dreams tell us in their language that we are near a possibility and to make it happen..

Plunge into it….

When the time is right, the time is right.

22 October 2016

May your day be marked by deep insight and the power to act upon it.

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