Circle On 8 May 2020

Illustration by Neil Clarke. (The title is Allison’s Allotment)

#ReikiCircle #Friday #Gaia

It is Friday in the beautiful month of May. We are meeting for our healing session, giving thanks to Earth, our beautiful home, to our own more and more beautiful homes, to human service to healing. We have been given all the resources for our well-being and happy steps. Everyone meant to remember that can be reached; we are living in a time of access to knowledge and a more loving awareness than ever for all living beings, animals, plant life, people with challenges, children. Young human beings are growing up with kinder and more peaceful values. Thanks to parents and dedicated educators who are employing techniques that are creating cultures that challenge and courageously end violence, set a mindful and ecologically kind tone, and pour their loving awareness into the next generation.

(No thanks to the media that present the opposite to keep those specific countries in a state of fear and emotional turbulence. We can look at these places as examples of entropy, neglect and abuse… We should not look to those places for answers. Life is not a cartoon, or a constant soap opera.)

May the waters within and without become so clear that we too have more and more days of appreciation, clarity and power.

May your Friday be a day of well-being and happy steps.


8 May 2020

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