Set the Tone

City Art Print. Title This Is a Place Where I Feel At Home

Set the tone in your home, in your work place, and with your friends, then the chaos outside will rattle you less.

It may not be easy to establish respect and love (with those who can’t appreciate it), but it is the one thing you will not need to undo later on, it is the one thing that will let you live with calm and the sense that you have done what you could.

Start with yourself and the place you are in. Claim your power. You can be an oasis in the desert. You can be the water in a neglected and disturbed place and make it bloom and thrive and smile again.

Fighting toxins is a lost cause; you will find too much that is wrong, and knowing what is wrong leaves you with nothing useful.

Instead, centre yourself in respect and love, and move with confidence that those are the missing ingredients and the refreshing medicine for all life — since the beginning of time, the foreseeable future, and the now. And you can be that too.

21 July 2018



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