Everything in nature is attached to each other. Everything in nature is about attachment.

Attachment is a good thing. The problems start when you get attached to the unnatural world, to man-made principles, people who don’t have your best in mind, people who couldn’t care less if they harm you. Attachments to uninspiring activities and people are toxic too.

Detachment is not the way if you are sincere on your spiritual path. You have cut out nature.

Once you reclaim nature, you will understand why detachment is an attitude that is suitable only for artifice and a solid, sober approach to society with its fake promises and confusions. But detachment is only a tool to cope with disconnect and disrespect – keep it for these situations. Drop it when it limits you and when you are in the presence of something grander.

Once you become whole, you don’t need detachment anymore. You must re-attach to nature.. to reach full growth of spirit.

You were not programmed to match with anything that is less than genuine. It is better to have less phony things, less fake acquaintances in your life, to be less popular; and that all that you have strengthens you, makes you functional, lets you love freely and live honestly.

True love, true affections, true friendships, true food, the real world, Creator’s World and water – that is what you attach to with your whole heart.


on 4 May 2014

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