Unexpected Kindness, Revisited

In Ontario. Photo published by Eat, Drink, Travel.

About a decade ago, I was coping with a situation that I found hard to free myself from and that was close to tragic. (I don’t use extreme descriptions for situations that are less than tragic, but that one was a downer in the category of “I don’t wish that on my enemies, ever”.)

A new friend, who witnessed my shock, called it a “hiccup” on my path. It was such a charming description for something so troubling and seemingly insurmountable – to me.

A few years later, I got through it and put it behind me. I knew by then that it was certainly something I wouldn’t wish on my enemies. Plus, that I was lucky to come out of it, with my sanity intact.

I guess, life presents a time to test your strength – even while you deem other life lessons more important or attractive – or so it was for me. I am not entirely sure what this story was about and whether I can draw much sense from it; but I came out handling everything better and being able to see to the bottom of every situation and not be fooled by anyone or anything. (Well, that is something, isn’t it.)

This happened a long time ago; my life turned alright again. Recently I recalled the term “hiccup” and how endearing, and innocent, I found it, and I decided that from now on I will call anything a bit tricky or wobbly “a hiccup”.

I am grateful to this foresighted and kind perspective.

30 December 2018

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