Beauty Is Remembering…

Painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

It is not the earth plane that beats us up. The earth plane is incredibly nurturing and patient, full of pleasure and harmony.

What beats us up is the world plane. What is meant by that is the manmade world, fabrications of the mind that have manifested, or are extending, into reality. That is where all the stress comes from, all the problems, all the jarring noise, all delusions.

And yet, there are pockets of beauty, tended to by the sisters and brothers who have reconnected with the earth — because the earth is the feminine — and pockets of beauty in humanity, embodied by sisters and brothers who are sanctuaries.

Spirit is in the earth: the earth never gives up on us. Spirit rises from the earth as well, because the earth is our mother, and our mother teaches us how to live, and only those who can absorb their mother’s wisdom are living well.

Spirit is almost absent from the world plane right now.

Can you change anything about it, today? Yes, you can. You can strengthen the pockets of beauty and health every single day. Please do. It is urgent.

29 October 2016

#weareearth #wearewater #wearesacred #wearelife

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