Love Is Attention – And Here Is Where It Begins

Art via Pure Souls Media

Imagine the good the media could do if they gave only 5% of the coverage they give to the corrupt, the warring and the predictable to the sane, the peaceful, the creative?

What would a switch of attention take? Are those designers of “reality” truly concerned about the public taking offense about do-gooders? They certainly know that outrage over scandals and schadenfreude are a lot more addictive than feeling discomfort that might suggest, “Whoa, I am doing too little. I am much less than I could be.”

And so it goes. Attention goes to stuff meant to give people a very short-lived sense of smug superiority or the sense of “I am so good (in comparison)” instead of lasting, powerful inspiration that moves the heart… and kinship, or at least identification, with people who are working to improve the conditions we live in.

Maybe all addictions start with the media, or with a belief in promises that were never intended to be fulfilled.

Humanity may have been naive a long time ago, when the English introduced opium to the Chinese in order to weaken them. But now in 2017, you should be able to see a pattern.. of very effective control… Hook people on something, and you can tell them all kinds of lies, they won’t even know that they are being lied to, and all they will do is seek relief from their addictive patterns, instead of demanding health and instead of asking themselves: Who do I need to be to respect myself?

#nondistractedliving #mindfulness #powerfromwithin

3 June 2017

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