Oh, Canada, Our Grass Is Greener Because We Water It

Canada Day Rose on 1 July 2020, by Jams Winsor

Very quietly, without much coverage from the press, Canada has turned itself into a country with a very booming economy and also (a noticeably) reduced poverty. The downside of it is that people are less politically involved (politically interested, attached, or active), but the upside is that so many people are living with more ease and calm, have more energy to devote to their loved ones, or the local causes dear to their heart, are simply kinder to their neighbours, colleagues, and other people in traffic… I also perceive much less despair, attention seeking through scandals and more emotional maturity, sobriety and generosity in the population than only 5 or 10 years ago.

So can more social harmony (or proactive conflict resolution) be boiled down to a better income, more economic power and self-determination?

I guess, there is something to it…

I had some very memorable talks about it with my teenage son who is quite attentive to social issues too and has great ideas about how to strengthen the good trends, make them last, and how to revitalize communities from the ground up.

I have great hopes for the Generation Z – in Canada. 

(Not in the US, though – our neighbours’ Gen Z are inheriting chaos, the aftermath of addictions, and the unstoppable deterioration of values.)





11 January 2020

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