Fulfilment Is The Sustained Habit Of Aliveness.

Mandala by Ann Sharp. Find her illustrations and art work at https://www.annesharpillustration.com/

Guidance informs us every single day. All our dislikes and likes are part of the inner GPS that signal to us the whole spectrum from cold (“get away!”) to lukewarm (“hm?”) to hot (“why aren’t you here when all your energy is right here”?).

It is us who decide to ignore those signals — our guidance. Until we accept that we live much better when we listen to it.

Go to where the sizzle is. And stay there. This is where you learn your most memorable lessons too.

I have a hunch that people who repeat the same kinds of experiences or sweep over their memories as if they were “all the same” have gotten too comfortable with lukewarm. Often they treat their neighbours just like they treat themselves — for the lack of spark and interest seeps into relationships and into everyday life. Lukewarm is better than cold, no doubt, but it is not where you want to stay… 

Everyone in their right mind goes toward fulfilment and if fulfilment seems too far out of reach, toward that what promises the feeling of aliveness. One and the other are interlinked. Fulfilment is the sustained habit of aliveness.

2 December 2015

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