Goodbye To Winter

My mind is in spring already. So I am letting go of the season with a few paintings that depict the wonder and beauty of winter.

I am not a big appreciator of winter, and ours ends up being too long every year, so this activity is a bit balancing to me. I am saying thanks to all the good impulses, news, redirections, leaps, connections and joys that this season has brought.

Winter in Ontario:

By Lawren Harris, who was part of Ontario’s Group of Seven painter group. 

Painting by Lawren Harris

Winter in Vermont:

Winter Light, linocut by William Hays

Work by William Hays. Find the Vermont artist at

Quintessential winter:

Painting (not a photograph) of a winter scene by the amazing Abe Toshiyuki

Art by Abe Toshiyuki, whom you can find at

Winter indoors:

Scene painted by Robert Strong Woodward, titled My Winter Shelf 

Painting by Robert Strong Woodward (1885 -1957). Homage to him at

East coast winter scenes:

Painted by Aldro Hibbard, a painter who worked and lived in the same region and at the same time as Robert Strong Woodward. I used one of his paintings for my lunar essay in January, the new moon in Capricorn.

Work by Aldro Hibbard (1886–1972)
Aldro Hibbard (1886 – 1972). More of his work at
Work by Aldro Hibbard (1886–1972)
Painting by Aldro Hibbard (1886 – 1972). Find more of his works at

Winter in Belgium. Indoors.

Painting by Fernand Toussaint. This reminds me of green life indoors and that sowing the garden of 2021 can start in these weeks.

Painting by Fernand Toussaint (1873–1956). More of his works at

May your day go well.

23 February 2021

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