As a creative, one of the most significant life themes you will master, is your sensitivity: you will replace self-doubt with more creativity and you will move away from critics who operate from a completely different part of their brain, or inner setting, and don’t experience their uninterrupted criticism (and fight within themselves), as a loss of time, loss of opportunity, loss of life energy.

In the time that they evaluate impressions or events – usually critically and with detachment -, you will manifest the projects, ideas, lifestyle, and bliss you envision and reignite your inspiration. Keep going. They can’t be you.

You can’t be them either. The big revelation (after witnessing them long enough) is: you wouldn’t trade your creativity and the ideas that flood you on a regular basis with their criticism or dissecting mindset – ever.

#selfaffirming #creative


#dontimitate #innovate


9 January 2020

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