Earth Send On 29 April 2022

From my collection of nature photos, stored years ago. (Photographer unknown.)

We are meeting in our circle for the well-being of all life on earth, in our weekly reiki send and our meditation of thanks and love.

The still fresh year has been shocking us with global news that have nothing to do with emotional intelligence, friendliness or fulfilment. Maybe the rest of the year will be quite turbulent – in broadcasts, at least. The decision to be a more discerning reader and viewer is a decision to prioritize wisdom, self-realization and personal goals. The earth has seen many crises and is still producing food, water, well-being and fun. Take a leaf out of earth’s book.

In this season, animals tend to be quite active and will show themselves to you, especially when you have been asking for clarity about an issue or for “signs” and direction about your next steps.

As I was coming home a few days ago, a fox passed by me. I was struck by the beauty of the animal, the darkened, dexterous legs, the coppery fur, the awake expression in the face, the eyes looking at me.

Of course, I could have looked up the symbolism of the fox – in mythologies or animal encounter interpretations -.

Well, the animal walked by just hours after I told my sister about how much I love copper, rose gold, red gold in interior design and even jewelry. (These shades enhance the greens of foliage, too, and I am dedicated to presenting plants in an appealing way.) So to me, meeting the fox meant to pursue my admiration, to wear more rose gold and to bring more of these foxy / foxy fur shades into the decor I surround myself with.

I am sharing that because intuition speaks in such a low key manner that you could miss it when you read about what the meaning could be (with your analytical mind, which is not always switched on to the vibrational plane).

The person living inside your perception is you. When you express delight in a new or old preference, give that preference more prominence. See how you feel. Then, an animal might show up to underline that it is good to make space for what you love.

In this spirit, may this Friday bring what is good into your focus and show you what thrills you.

29 April 2022

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