Earth Send on 6 May 2022

Spring, by Paul Serusier, 1890

We are meeting in our reiki send and Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

Let your gratitude bubble up with all the blessings that you enjoy: this beautiful season of dynamic growth in the land (and if you live in the Southern hemisphere, the slow and comforting season of harvest), your connection to the soil, the wonderful support of your body through all ups and downs, the sanity of your role models, the wealth of all your resources and in your biography.

We tend to forget our basic and foundational blessings, so today is a good moment to acknowledge them: for as long as there is life, universal life energy is flowing through us. Universal life energy is steering us toward who we would be as completely fulfilled, completely grateful and completely healed people. These are good inputs to pay attention to!

The commitment to health, to developing your gifts and to return love to our planet is something to be grateful for, too – particularly now that the dominant paradigm is such a contrast to that.

Inner peace is something that you can not buy: you deposit into it with your decisions and actions. Everyone who has been confronted with the opposite knows its value.

Maybe you want to review the process of all the prescient, discerning and rewarding decisions that you ever made? How did you arrive at those? Let your mind gather all the clues. You might detect what it is that you need to be wise.

What actions in your past are you proud of? These tell you about what you care about. How can you bring more of that care and more of that self-affirmation into the coming week?

Many of us ruminate a lot about our mistakes. Often it is easier for the mind to find out why and when you made poor decisions. How about you do something new today: recall the actions and choices that you can feel good about.

May this Friday refresh and uplift you.

6 May 2022

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