New Sobriety Movements

For the record, I endorse them all!

I find it great that people are giving life without toxic substances a chance, and that so many are choosing a sober life style.

I cheer to every person who gets free from crutches and from addictions.

In the last years, I read about indigenous communities in Central Canada who declared a ban on alcohol in their communities. I was very happy about it. That was a decision based on love for their people and on insight.

I recently came across this article about the Men of the North in Saskatchewan and the good work they do:

The article features Harold Johnson who wrote the book “Firewater: How Alcohol is Killing My People (and Yours)”, 2016, U of Regina Press:

I am going to quote him:

“I want to remind you, being sober is the normal state of a human being. Being sober and clear minded all the time is our normal state. That is our aboriginal awareness.

Anybody that tells me that they’re in recovery, I tell them no. You’re not in recovery. You’re normal. You’re just being normal now. You’ve found normality. That’s all sobriety is. Living a normal life. Start telling sobriety stories instead of those party stories. If we tell enough good stories about ourselves people will see this and say, ‘I want to walk like that. Look at those people walking, they’re sober. They don’t have a hangover. I want my path to look like that.”

Harold Johnson


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