Just Another Day In the Era Of Lies

Examine everything. A lot of money is being made with misinformation. A lot of people will believe anything that will either soothe them or cause a desired emotional state. That is not the path to the facts or the path to the truth.

A healthy scepticism is the appropriate mindset in the era of lies. Watch all trends that emerge in the media for their political subtext: what is it that you are meant to believe, and who will benefit and get rich from it? What is being omitted? Could the information be a diversion tactic from something more sinister or urgent? Research your sources of information too. A lot of people get paid and some kick out of causing turmoil — because they can, and no one challenges them. They don’t work on their lives, they don’t work on projects that satisfy them, but become a messenger of some problem, some fabricated reality, or ideology. That imbalance of personal irresponsibility, while volunteering to spread propaganda and making big bucks, plus feeding an addiction that is hidden (except to those who are sober all the time – 👋 yo, namaste) is what keeps them going — do you want to end up like them? That is what you sign up for, if you believe what they say, without looking deeply into the content, without processing the information you are absorbing.

If you give your mind to the unwholesome, the unwholesome win.

Claim your mind instead. There has never been a better time for it than now.

1 September 2018

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