Not So Subtle Hints

The self-love movement in North America.. Maybe it rose from the attempt to compensate for what was not available in the community – pampering from parents and relatives, good-natured teasing from colleagues and peers, coexistence, and for-better-or-worse acceptance by neighbours and friends. Instead of looking to fix what the real, long-term problem was – the breakdown of community and the breakdown of trust in people and in basic goodness – the focus became self-defense. Certainly, self-love is the best defense there is.

Meanwhile, the problem that was left ignored is growing out of control. So much that people find it hard to even imagine a week without violence, new conflicts, another dreadful story, and have come to rest on the assumption that society is profoundly sick, as if society is somewhere “out there” rather than what we make.

I hope you are picking up my not so subtle hint.

Self-love is obviously a big necessity in every person’s life. But it is the incomplete route:

You can love yourself without limits, and perhaps inspire a few people to lift themselves up out of their conditioning, by your example alone. But your neighbourhood will only be safer and more fun when you pour your love out too.

Self-love that includes compassion and the understanding that “whatever happens to anyone can happen to me” is a process that should be tested — not only by the educational system, by activists, by spiritual leaders, by health care providers, or by politicians… We can not wait for anyone to introduce the approach from above. We are the change we want to see. So the approach needs to be tested by us in our daily lives.

You will be amazed what you can find out. I know it works, because I am witnessing it. I just need a few more participants.

#crucialmass #harmony #love #breath #balance #creativity #theexpertiseisyou

With thanks to The Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore who are showing remarkable results with that approach, thanks to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his peace work in many regions of the earth, and thanks to all the cool cats on our planet, known and unknown, who have paved the way.

9 October 2016

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