That High Confidence Serves the Community

Those who are personality disordered but so sure of themselves are providing an unintentional service to the community, if you listen to their content – and it will be hard not to, since they assert themselves so forcefully – : they proudly and voluntarily provide a profile of traits, so that faster than ever before, you can identify similar traits, and red flags, in the people you meet and adjust your expectations.

Because they blab out how they manipulate others, they blab out their contempt of others, they blab out the misery they have created for themselves… With social media, there are much less constraints to express what is going on, on the inside.

While you can not avoid absorbing the words, you can avoid close relationships with people who are “shouting from the rooftops” about how much they suck at relationships, how much they loathe women and the feminine (all psychopaths and narcissists hate women, female psychopaths and narcissists hate women too and criticize women for “being victims”), how much they wish intuition, emotional intelligence, or morality were “extinct”…

Be grateful that those disinhibited sharks are teaching you – it is an opportunity to wizen up, collectively. That is even more so the case if your dad couldn’t or didn’t teach you how to observe and assess the motivations of people and how to know that you are dealing with a predator.

(Let them find their own soul pods, their own people who thrill them.)

26 August 2019

#emotionalintelligence #acceptingwhatis #takeyourselfoutofharmsway #navigate #well

#revelations #misogyny #YouTubers #consumedbyhate

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