Enough Homegrown Atrocities – The Uncontested Cultural Shadow

Two countries in North America – Canada and USA – never experienced Marxism or socialism, but have committed genocide against the indigenous, stole their lands, established governments after their “victories” based on mass murder, rape and theft. Yet, our most popular professors warn against “cultural Marxism”, instead of inviting the bright young people they teach to face the actual collective past.

There are enough homegrown atrocities to worry about what Stalin did. Working through one form of extremism can help comprehend another form of extremism — it doesn’t matter what the ideology behind it is — when the focus goes to the populations who suffered under sociopathic leaderships, instead of to how “masterful” those particular sociopaths were. Pointing at one evil (that was far away) while avoiding another (that was close and most likely involved the professors’ own ancestors) is a really successful distraction. How much money flows into never facing the cultural, or the ancestral, shadow?

Forget about awakening moral courage when well-read intellectuals play such games – on young minds.

No, thanks. The spotlight has to be brought back to our own geography. Let Russians and formerly socialist countries deal with Stalin; let Canadians and Americans deal with Canadian and American horrors.

29 January 2019

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