Being Seen

Acknowledge your kids, nieces and nephews when they do something well. Generosity is rare, admiration even rarer. If the young feel seen and cherished by their own people, they won’t run after approval from groups who have no values and no sense, and they won’t wait for love from people who can’t give it.


acknowledge your partner in everything that he / she is doing well to strengthen the good feelings between you, the foundation of why you are together. Also notice their presence, their willingness to give their time to you, the joy they offer, the subtler things and benefits to your well-being.

Adults who have lived unappreciated and unseen are actually not rare, and no amount of coping mechanisms can counteract experience. Even one proactive talk at a time that shows faith in the relationship, even a few moments of satisfaction can go a long way…

Although these ideas are quite obvious, they are not the norm. I have recently read a study that claimed that in North America, the biggest threat to health is not obesity but loneliness. I wasn’t surprised at all. I am surprised that there is no concern for it, and no new prosocial approach in regards to community and personal relationships. And this is not a new phenomenon. I am guessing, at least 2-3 decades ago, you could see the signs of it.

At this point, the program by the media is clear too: divide and conquer. The more aggravated and less unified people are, the less agreeable to some compromise, the less able of coexistence, the easier they are to control.

28 August 2018

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