Imagination and Wealth Are Not Synonyms

Mural in Chile

If that was the case, the rich would be beautiful; the most beautiful, the most elegant, the most refined people on earth. They are not. Count on it.

If you are a creative, draw courage from the fact that your contribution will outlast the hype about a dress a rich person wore for a few hours or the hype about a sound bite coming from a foul mouth.

Build what you love with the resources you have. Your inner abundance is oozing, making a statement, asking for a wider field to play in. Imagination, caring, charm, commitment to beauty are very healing in a time of chaos and fatigue with personality cults and public soap operas.

The moneyed have always thrown fits, while artists have built a better world. Cultural leadership came from those who kept their minds on building, while those who tore things apart lived from reactivity and in a state of greed for the imagination put forth by creatives.

It is the way of the world. Long (creative and durable) attention is at odds with short (random and disruptive) attention.

Those who know how to renew themselves and how to refresh others have always been envied. That envy stayed under wrap for a long time. Maybe it is better that it remains largely unexamined. We wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Creatives are quite naive about the feelings we stir in others. At the same time, we can only be ourselves. We are looking for ways to make more beauty. The choice to act cold toward someone we are in awe of sounds absurd to us. Searching for reasons of why that “may be okay” does not intrigue us. After all, the day has only 24 hours; there is so much to do.

Creatives are not here to organize, pacify or endorse the moods or reflections of others. We are here to create.

Noncreative people can find purpose in becoming protectors of the creative. That shows discernment, faith in prosperity and personal strength, in short, intelligence. I recommend it.

4 February 2018

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