It Goes On: Nature And Life

Crocus in the wind on Valentine’s Day 2019

When you garden, some plants die… and they become compost, new earth, for the others. Yet, when you look at the garden, you see life, you see thriving, not decay, and you nurture the plants that keep growing. (You don’t water the plants that have given up.)

In the same way, move your attention to what delights you and what continues. 

(Don’t water what has faded and died. The longing for something that could not establish itself, or nostalgia in moments of heart ache or fragility will tell you a story that has nothing to do with your garden.) 

Guide your mind to notice what is living and growing… May the growing green life fill your heart.

14 February 2019

Crocus beaming at me on 14 February 2019

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