Living Well

Painting by Francine Van Hove, born on 5 May 1942.

The secret to living well is

– to welcome all good things,

– to overcome all fear of them,

– to learn how to put an end to disappointments (knowing that they happen and having a way to handle them),


– to invest in the future – again and again -, even when noone else is doing it.

Nostalgia for a situation that needed transformation may not be kind to your mind. Living in the moment is overrated. You have to have projects to look forward to, projects that let you come alive, projects with bliss potential — reasons to stand up for the next day.

Let someone teach you how to formulate the next step, the next stage, if you can not project too well into the future. Living without a plan puts you into a state of reactivity to your surroundings, and you end up doing things that have nothing to do with the Dream For Your Life. Everything you do, everything you agree to, and everything you master is preparing you for what is to come.

So give your focus to what you want. Make it happen. Own your path, your decisions, your nurturing of the best way forward, your path into fulfilment.

2 March 2018

Painting by Francine Van Hove. The French artist has no personal website, but this gallery features her work

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