With Enough Information And Joy And Success

“We are literally in the last century of this epic struggle between violence + patriarchy and love + nonviolence + the feminine.”

Vandana Shiva, at the Permaculture Convergence in Dec 2017

Thanks to my female ancestors and my peers who cultivated the best, tended to the best, and continued the best, despite the chaos and the many challenges.

Happy Women’s Day to all women. Even the women who make choices that undermine love, nonviolence and the feminine. Not everyone respects love, not everyone thinks and acts in accordance to higher principles, but we all live on Gaia, depend on Gaia’a waters, and have to find a way to coexist, to judge less and to lead more, and trust in the opening of the mind and heart when the conditions are right.

Witnessing enough information and joy and success has the power to change the perception and draw people to a better approach to life.

8 March 2019

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