With Enough Information And Joy And Success

“We are literally in the last century of this epic struggle between violence + patriarchy and love + nonviolence + the feminine.” Vandana Shiva, at the Permaculture Convergence in Dec 2017 Thanks to my female ancestors and my peers who cultivated the best, tended to the best, and continued the best, despite the chaos andContinue reading “With Enough Information And Joy And Success”

The Feminine In The Past And In The Now

The feminine teaches us how to nurture life and non-cooperation with evil. I learned that from the elders who were women when I was a child. Chances are, so have you. In this time, there is plenty of effort to turn non-cooperation with evil into something only subcultures could be interested in and and toContinue reading “The Feminine In The Past And In The Now”

A Good Day To All Daughters, Sisters And Mothers.

Happy Women’s Day. I thank all women and men who work for a juster world where the feminine can express itself. I look forward to the end of abuse against women and girls, the end of genital mutilation, the end of human trafficking, and to the beginning of cooperation in the human family. I lookContinue reading “A Good Day To All Daughters, Sisters And Mothers.”

I’m So Glad That I’m A Woman.

“We’re the lifeline of mankind, and now is the time for me.” Love Unlimited The iconic song of gratitude still says so much. I often hoped that our contemporary musicians would write songs of this caliber, and I haven’t given up. The good ones do, but they are too few. (And they are too unknownContinue reading “I’m So Glad That I’m A Woman.”