Work Hard And Be Nice

Oh, I didn’t quite expect that my pause from the virtual world would end up being so long. I aim to write more, and to reach out more, in the new year 2022. All the reasons why I chose to be in the real world more in 2021 are valid, still. However, there is aContinue reading “Work Hard And Be Nice”

December’s Custom Of Spreading Love

Treat yourself to well-being on this day. Today is a good day for gratitude. Today is a good day for connection. If you are social distancing this year, connect with all you love through your heart centre and send them a sincere blessing for the year on the way. May everything that is good inContinue reading “December’s Custom Of Spreading Love”

A Week For Love In December

May the holidays refresh you and make you smile a lot. Use this time on what you need: a lucky break from routines, the opportunity to spend time on something that restores you or with good people, to observe the sacred in the land (post solstice), in the collective consciousness (festivities), in the generosity ofContinue reading “A Week For Love In December”

Fatherhood: Joseph, Jesus’ Father

It is strange that in all this time Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, was never promoted as the role model for men, or a champion of masculinity – although he seemed to have it all. What do I mean by having it all? Kindness, love, patience, wisdom, emotional intelligence, the gift of intuition, integrity, a greatContinue reading “Fatherhood: Joseph, Jesus’ Father”

Decorate Trees In the Soil

Holiday decorations look much better on leafless trees than on evergreen trees. Evergreen trees are already decorated — with their saturated green colours, their needles, their vitality. I don’t know why that couldn’t be a new trend: decorate trees that have lost their leaves and root in the soil. I just walked through my neighbourhood and sawContinue reading “Decorate Trees In the Soil”

Shopping and Sharing, Boosting Value and Values

Support a business near you, support a business you love – every time you can. Go local, if and when you are shopping for the holidays. Keep the money exchange local. Support people whose products and services you love. They can keep supplying you, and you will feel good about how you are spending yourContinue reading “Shopping and Sharing, Boosting Value and Values”