Fatherhood: Joseph, Jesus’ Father

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It is strange that in all this time Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, was never promoted as the role model for men, or a champion of masculinity – although he seemed to have it all.

What do I mean by having it all? Kindness, love, patience, wisdom, emotional intelligence, the gift of intuition, integrity, a great kid, a great wife, both of whom he protected, in a highly patriarchal society and time.

Think about it: he is one of the few men in the Bible who don’t make you cringe, but a refreshing departure from the stereotype, all those cruel and confused men in it. Joseph inspires awe (“Wow, good men who walk their talk exist and existed even then!”) and effortless respect. It was no coincidence that he was entrusted with the task of raising Jesus.

So for 2000 years, the culture has not paid attention to the admirable, cool guy, the man with the open heart. While the violent, shady characters were deemed important.

What does that tell you about the culture?

Holy people go unnoticed. We don’t read about them. We feel them.

24 December 2014

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